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At Bellefonte Vineyard Community Church, we are more than just a place of worship – we are a brand new community deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of the Vineyard movement. Our journey began with a heartfelt calling to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, a town that immediately felt like home to us. Just like the Vineyard movement, which has extended its arms across the globe, we are here with a mission tailored specifically for Bellefonte. Our goal is to foster a space of spiritual growth, connection, and genuine community, all while spreading the message of God's boundless love and grace.

Our desire to engage with Bellefonte isn't just about hosting events – it's about building relationships and walking alongside each individual as they embark on their unique spiritual journey with Jesus. Whether you're joining us for our weekly Game Nights on Fridays at 6pm or our empowering Life Group sessions on Mondays at 6pm, we extend an open invitation to you, your family, and friends to experience the warmth, authenticity, and transformative power of Bellefonte Vineyard Community Church.


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About Us

Pastors Pete and Misty Woods

Pastors Pete and Misty Woods

Pete and Misty met and married at the Seattle Vineyard. and have been part of the Vineyard movement since 1990. In 2018, we moved to Bellefonte, PA, with a sense of calling to plant a Vineyard church. Both Pete and Misty grew up in small New England towns, so Bellefonte immediately felt like home.

Vineyard has traditionally partnered with and valued the work of local churches to bring the gospel to the communities they are a part of. We are part of a small network of Vineyard churches in central and western PA, as well as part of the larger family of Vineyard churches across the US and around the world.

We are interested in developing a community of people who desire connection with each other as we follow Jesus together. We desire to help people discover the gifts and calling that God has placed on them and to learn to walk these out in every aspect of life in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

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Phone: 814-933-5009



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You're not in this alone. When you join Bellefonte Vineyard Community Church, you gain a whole host of friends around the globe. We are part of the Western PA Area of Vineyard Churches, our local network of friendship and support:

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